EST. 2019

Hamptons Kickboxing is here and proud to announce Grand Master Evilázio Feitoza as the head trainer. He is a Grand Master of Muay Thai, the maximum level of achievement of the art in Brazil. To achieve this, it took more than 40 years of continuous training while striving to grow the sport. Evilázio travels the world to spread the art of Muay Thai, and when he is instructing his students, his attention to detail is always on point, whether it be with a professional or a beginner. He also serves as a consultant, speaker, coach, and sports promoter throughout South America and across Europe.

Muay Thai

This class consists of fundamental skill drills, footwork basics, proper striking mechanics, and cardio/conditioning exercises. Burning through high intensity rounds while learning great techniques guarantees weight loss, increased metabolism, body sculpting, and improved overall fitness!

Self Defense

These classes are designed to teach basic defensive skills that are transferrable to real life situations when the use of force is necessary prevent an assault. Not only will you learn important techniques but you will also get an incredible workout in a safe, friendly atmosphere!