EST. 2019

HAMPTON’S MVMT is a new style of fitness training that utilizes innovative techniques to optimize human functionality. Our scientific approach prioritizes integration of muscle systems to enhance movement, increase metabolic rate, and prevent injury. The benefits of training in this fashion are decreased stress, pain, anxiety, and fatigue levels as well as improved posture, gait cycle and throwing patterns, athletic performance, muscular strength, weight loss, cardiovascular efficiency, libido, and cognitive function. At Hampton’s MVMT we are passionate about your progress.


This intense upper body class focuses on increasing lean muscle, strength, and function of the arms and core. Accomplish your weight loss goals, throw a harder punch, and tone up for the beaches by sculpting a strong, functional body.


High intensity workouts for the lower body that focus on improving your strength, power, and aesthetics. This class burns fat, increases your heart rate, and shreds your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

MVMT Club/Mace Flow

Are you looking to change up your fitness routine? Our flow classes are guaranteed to teach you exercises that you’ve never seen with equipment you’ve likely never used. Learn how to use clubs and mace bells effectively to improve your movement, build muscle, and take your fitness to the next level!


Our one-on-one personal training sessions are completely tailored to our client’s individual needs. The highly specific programming and advanced exercise techniques (that are not prescribed in our group classes) ensure that you reach your goals safely and efficiently.


Has your doctor ever told you that your scoliosis isn’t correctable? Does your spinal curvature give you discomfort? Are you sick of wearing back braces that don’t seem to make a change? This scoliosis-specific class prescribes advanced corrective exercise techniques that help teach your muscles how to decompress the spine autonomously and make lasting changes in its curvature.


Don’t let the name fool you, this class is designed for men and women alike! This is a high intensity functional training class for athletes and competitors. This explosive workout is designed to push you to the max. Combining circuits using functional movements, MMA, boxing, maces, clubs, kettle bells, and (members only with a minimal of 15 FM classes and display optimal condition prior to entering this course)


HAMPTON’S MVMT seeks to educate your kids with fun workouts that don’t place unnecessary strain on their joints.These group classes offer a safe environment for your kids to learn how to move correctly. This class focuses on improving motor development, coordination, and biomechanical efficiency to decrease the risk of injury and improve sport performance.

MVMT Recovery

Everybody needs to add a recovery day to their routine to make sure that the work they put in during the weak settles in. Self-myofascial release, stretching, and advanced breathing techniques help teach the nervous system to remain calm during high-intensity activity. This program is also ideal for injured athletes, or your average Joe recovering from injury or post surgical and post PT clients with specific weakness, injuries, or handicaps that want to improve their range of motion, decrease their pain, and improve surrounding muscular skeletal functions. This class also includes a cryotherapy session as an upgrade.


MVMT certifications with Gregory Bader 

Introduction to MVMT.
Learn about myofascial restrictions and how they impact your movement and performance. Gain a basic level of competence when it comes to correcting your own dysfunctions. Learn low-level corrective exercises and banding techniques that will take your muscle integration, activation, and performance to the next level.


MVMT certifications with Gregory Bader 

An introduction into dynamic movements with horizontal and parabolic loading vectors to prepare you for athletic situations.


MVMT certifications with Gregory Bader

Completely integrated, full-body functional training. You are one step away from MVMT Mastery! Train in the upper echelon of MVMT Academy students – become eligible for MVMT internships, run classes with Greg, and enjoy the functional body you’ve built!